Jerry Lackey

Composer & Arranger


Jerry Lackey received a Bachelor and Master of Music Education from Indiana University and began teaching instrumental music in South Bend in 1965.  He directed the IUSB Jazz Ensemble from 1974 to 2007 and Wind Ensemble from 1984 to 2007.  Lackey played tuba 42 years with the South Bend Symphony until retiring in 2007.  He has written many compositions and arrangements which have been performed and recorded by major orchestras and bands including 4 CDs by Houston Symphony, Utah Symphony and Rochester Philharmonic.  His Jazz Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra has been performed by the St. Louis Symphony and Tokyokosei Wind Orchestra in addition to other orchestras and bands.  Now living in Nashville, Tennessee, Jerry is the associate conductor of the Nashville Community Concert Band and continues to compose and arrange for bands, orchestras and other ensembles.

Press Materials

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Compositions and Arrangements

Adagio from Concierto DeAranjuezRodrigo, arr. J.LackeyClassical, Flugelhorn Solobandc.5:45
Adagio from Concierto DeAranjuezRodrigo, arr. J.LackeyClassical, Flugelhorn Solobrass choirc.5:45
Adelaide's Lamentfrom "Guys and Dolls" arranged by Jerry LackeyFemale. Altovocal/bandc.3:30Gm/F/G
After The Lovin’Alan Bernstein & Richie Adams, orchestrated by J.Lackey, Engelbert Humperdinck versionPopvocal/orchestrac.4:00C/Db2+picc222/4331/timp/dr.set/b.grt/pno/hp/str/voc solo
Air and BourreeJ.S. Bach, arr. J.LackeyClassical, Tuba Solobandc.3:10
Alabaster BoxCece Winans, arr. J.LackeyPop, Femalevocal/orchestrac.5:15E/F#11+E.H.10/2000/perc/b.grt/pno/hp/str/voc solo
Ale BriderTraditional Jewish, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.3:45Dm0010/0000/dr.set/accordion/str/voc solo/vln solo
All Alone On ChristmasAll Alone On Christmas - Darlene Love & The E Street Band, arr. J.LackeyChristmasvocal/orchestrac.4:10Eb/F2+picc222/4331/dr.set/perc/mall/b.gtr/pno/hp/chorus/voc solo
All I Want for ChristmasMariah Carey & Walter Afanasieff, arr. J.LackeyChristmasvocal/orchestrac.3:40G2+picc222/4331/timp/dr.set/perc/mall/b.gtr/pno/hp/voc solo
Allegro SpiritosoJean Bapiste Sinaille, arr. J.LackeyClassical, Horn Soloband
Allegro SpiritosoJean Bapiste Sinaille, arr. J.LackeyClassical, Trombone Soloband
AloneBilly Steinberg and Tom Kelly, arr. J.Lackey, as performed on GLEE Popvocal/orchestrac.3:20Am0000/2330/perc/dr.set/e.gtr/b.gtr/mall/pn/str/voc solo/bkgr voc
Alto’s LamentZina Goldrich & Marcy Heisler, arr. J.Lackey, recorded by Natalie WeissPop, Altovocal/orchestrac.3:20Am..Db2222/4330/dr.set/mall/pn/hp/str/voc solo
An Affair To RememberAdamson, McCarey, Warren, arr. J.Lackey, from the moviePopvocal/orchestrac.3:05E/F32d122/4331/timp/perc/dr.set/mall/gtr/pn/hp/str./voc solo/chorus
Angels Among UsBecky Hobbs and Don Goodman, as recorded by Alabama, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.4:15Ab(Fm)0000/0330/timp/perc/dr.set/gto/b.gtr(low B)/pn/str/voc solo/child.choir/chorus
Angles We Have Heard On Higharr. Chris R. Hansen, full orch. J. LackeyChristmas-Hark Up 2011-Revised (2nd Ed.)vocal/orchestrac.4:20Db,D,E2222/2330/perc/gtr/b.grt/pn/str/chorus/voc solo
Anything GoesCole Porter, arr. J.LackeyPop, Tuba QuartetTuba Quartetc.2:35
Anywayas recorded by Martina McBride, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.4:40Fdr.set/grt/b.gtr/pn/str/voc solo/voc bkg
Auld Lang Synearr. J.LackeyTraditionalbandc.1:30
Baby GirlPerformed by Sugarland-Nettles, Bush, Hall, Bieser. arr. J.Lackey, Popvocal/orchestrac.4:20Dpn/kb/gtr/b.gtr/dr.set/perc/str/S.A.A.singers
Back Home Again in Indiana/InstrumentalBallard MacDonald and James F. HanleyPoporchestrac.2:101+picc222/4331/perc/timp/dr.set/pn/str
Back Home Again in Indiana/VocalBallard MacDonald and James F. HanleyPop-Childrens' Choir UNISON-good sing-a-longvocal/orchestrac.3:10Eb/F1+picc222/4231/perc/timp/dr.set/pn/G115str/child.choir/voc solo
Bassoon BoogieJerry LackeyBassoon Solo. Uses 7/4 time signature throughout.bandc.4:00
Bridge Over Troubled WaterP.Simon, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.4:40C/D1110+alto sax/2330/timp/perc/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/pn/str/voc solo/bkg2 singers
Bridge Over Troubled WaterP.Simon,arr.K.Shaw,orch.J.LackeyPop (choir-3 part)vocal/orchestrac.5:50Bb2+picc222/4331/timp/dr.set/mall/gtr/b.gtr/pn/hp/str/choir(3part)
Bridge Over Troubled WaterP.Simon, arr. J.Lackey/Bochelli VersionPopvocal/orchestrac.4:40D/A/C1110/4330/timp/dr.set/perc/gtr/B.grt/pn/str/voc solo/bkg voc
Bring Him HomePopvocal/bandc.3:30F
Bring Him HomePopvocal/orchestrac.3:30
Caledoniaby Dougie MacLean, from "Celtic Women" arr. J.LackeyIrishvocal/bandc.5:10F
Carnival of Venice(Arban's Variations) arr. J.LackeyTuba Solo-Key of F(C tuba)bandc.7:30+
Carnival of Venice (Arban's Variations) arr. J.LackeyTuba Solo-Key of Ab(Eb tuba)bandc.7:30+
ChangeKear, Tompkins, Elam, arr. J.Lackey, as recorded by Carrie UnderwoodPopvocal/orchestrac.3:15Gtimp/perc/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/pn/str/voc solo/s.a.t. choir
Christmas Medley for Two ("Let It Snow" - "The Christmas Song")arranged by Jerry LackeyChristmas-Trumpet, Sax, Vocal Solosvocal/orchestrac.5:10F/G/Db/D2+picc222/4231/timp/perc/dr.set/mall/gtr/b.gtr/pn/hp/str/voc,alto sax,trp solos
Collage for Trumpet and Bandarranged by Jerry LackeyTrumpet or Alto Sax Solo-medley of A Shanty in Old Shanty Town, Georgia on My Mind, Body and Soul, BackHome Again in Indianabandc.8:20
Colors of ChristmasJerry LackeyChristmas-Medley of Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, White Christmas, Blue Christmas, Greensleeves, Silver Bellsbandc.6:00
Colors of ChristmasJerry LackeyChristmas-Medley of Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, White Christmas, Blue Christmas, Greensleeves, Silver Bellsbrass choirc.6:00
Colors of ChristmasJerry LackeyChristmas-Medley of Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, White Christmas, Blue Christmas, Greensleeves, Silver Bellsorchestrac.6:002+picc2+E.H.2_b.cl2_c.b./4331/timp/perc/mall/dr.set/b.grt/pn/hp/str
Come Fly With MeJimmy Van Heusen & Sammy Cahn, arr. By J.LackeyPop (Sinatra version)"big" band/vocalc.3:00
Come Fly With MeJimmy Van Heusen & Sammy Cahn, arr. By J.LackeyPop (Sinatra version)vocal/orchestrac.3:00Bb2222+opt5sax/4331/dr.set/gtr/pn/str/voc solo
Concertino for Euphonium/Trombone by Kuhne, arr. J.LackeySolo Euphonium/Trombonebandc.7:00 w/cuts - 12:00 w/o cuts
Concerto for Oboe (all 4 mvts)Cimarosa, arr. J.LackeyClassical, Oboe Soloband
Concerto in One Mvt.A. Lebedev, arr. J.LackeyClassical, Tuba Solobandc.6:10+
Concrete AngelPerformed by Martina McBride, by Bentley & Crosby, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.4:00Ab1110+a.sax/1330/dr.set/mall/pn/kb/str/vocal solo
Country Comes To TownWritten and recorded by Toby Keith, orchestrated by J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.3:40A0011+alto & ten sax/4331/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/pn/str/voc solo/bkg vocals
Cry Me A RiverAuthur Hamilton, transcribed by J. Lackey, Michael Buble versionPop vocal/orchestrac.4:10Dmin/Ebmin1110+alto sax/0330/timp/perc/e.gtr/b.gtr/pn/kb/str/voc solo
Dance with My Fatheras recorded by Luther Vandross, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.4:15Bb/Cpn/perc/dr.set/b.gtr/mall/pn-str/voc solo/chorus
Don’t Rain On My Paradeas recorded by Barbra Streisand-from Funny Girl, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.2:45A1120/3330/timp/dr.set/mall/pn/str/voc solo
East Race FanfareJerry Lackey-commissioned by South Bend Symphonyorchestrac.1:402+picc222/4331/timp/perc/mall/b.gtr/pn/hp/str
Easy As LifeElton John & Tim Rice as sung by Heather Headley, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.4:15Cm2+picc222/4331/dr.set/mall/b.gtr/pn/hp/str/voc solo
Elsa's Procession to the CathedralR.Wagner, arr. J.LackeyClassical, Brass Quintet-wedding processionalBrass Quintetc.3:10
Embraceable YouGershwin, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.3:10Eb3222/4331/perc/dr.set/mall/gtr/pn/hp/str/voc solo/choir
Everybody Loves SomebodyIrving Taylor and Ken Lane, arr. J.Lackey(Dean Martin version)Pop vocal/orchestrac.2:50Ebtimp/dr.set/gtr/pn/voc sol/choir
Fanfare and TributeJerry Lackey-commissioned by Elkhart New Horizons Bandincorporates "God of Our Father" hymn throughout.bandc.5:00
Fanfare for OrchestraJerry Lackey-commissioned by Southwest Michigan Sym.Pops Orchestra Fanfareorchestrac.3:052+picc2+e.h.2+b.c.2+c.b./4331/timp/perc/dr.set/mall/pn/hp/str
Fanfare OpenerJerry Lackey-commissioned by Elkhart Municipal Bandbandc.2:10
Feelin' GoodPerformed by Christian Grimmie-arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.4:00Fm1110+a.sax/0330/dr.set/perc/gtr/b.gtr/pn/kb/str/vocal
Firework(Katy Perry version), arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.3:50
Footprints in the SandMagnusson, Dreuger, Page, Cowell, arr. J.Lackey, performed by Leona LewisPopvocal/orchestrac.4:10Ab/A/Btimp/perc/dr.set/mall/gtr/b.gtr/str
Fred Barlow at the Opera ComiqueFred Barlow, arr. J.LackeyBassoon (Contra) Soloorchestrac.1:201110/0100/dr.set/mall/str/c.bsn. solo
Frosty Meets Rudolpharranged by Jerry LackeyChristmas-Tuba QuartetTuba Quartetc.2:45
Gabriel's OboeEnnio Morricone, arr. J.Lackey from the motion picture "The Mission"with or without oboe solo - grade 3bandc.2:10
Gabriel's OboeEnnio Morricone, arr. J.Lackey from the motion picture "The Mission"grade 3.5string orchestrac.2:10str
Harlem NocturneEarl Hagen-arr. J.Lackey. This arrangement recorded by Houston Sym for ProArte sax2+c.bsn/4331/timp/perc/dr.set/mall/hp/pn/str/solo amp. st bass
Have You Seen That Child?Words and Music by Ben Storie
Arranged and Orchestrated by Cliff Duren
Additional Orchestration by Jerry Lackey
Christmasvocal/orchestrac.3:060000/0330/str -- vocal+combo pack from publisher
Higher And HigherGary Jackson, Carl Smith, Raynard Miner, arr. Jerry Lackey-as sung by Jackie WilsonPopvocal/orchestrac.3:00D/Eb2222+alto sax/4331/perc/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/hp/pn/str
How You LiveCindy Morgan-as recorded by "Point of Grace" arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.4:40E0000/3000/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/synth//pn/str/voc solo/bkg singers
I Feel The Earth MoveCarole King, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.3:30Eb1120/3330/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/mall/key board/str/voc solo/bkg singers
I Have NothingPerformed by Whitney Houston, from "The Bodyguard" by Linda Thompson & David Foster, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.4:45G/Bb/B1110+a.sax/1330/dr.set/perc/gtr/b.gtr/mall/pn/kb/str/vocal
I Love the LordRichard Smallwood, arr. J.Lackey-as recorded by Whitney Houston for the movie "The Preacher's Wife"Gospel Solo/SATB vocal/orchestrac.3:50C/Db1111/0000/perc/dr.set/b.gtr/pn/str/voc solo/choir
If I Were A Rich Manfrom "Fiddle On The Roof" arr. J.LackeyPop, Bassvocal/bandc.5:00C
I'll Be Home for ChristmasWalter Kent-intro of Silent Night, arr. J.LackeyChristmas-vocal solo/choirvocal/orchestrac.3:05A2222/4000/perc/dr.set/pn(celesta)/hp/str/voc solo/choir
I'll Be ThereDavis,West,Gordy,Hutch, arr. J.Lackey as recorded by "Jackson-5"Popvocal/orchestrac.4:05F1111/2000/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/pn/str/voc solo/choir
Im Chambre SepareeHeuberger, arr. J.LackeyPop-Violin Solo version by Albert Ketelbeystring orchestrac.3:45strings/harp/solo violin
In the Hall of the Mountain KingGrieg, arr. J.Lackey for stringsClassicalstring orchestrac.2:20strings
In the Wee Small Hours of the MorningD.Mann & B.Hilliard, arr. For Boston Pops by Nan Schwartz Mishkin, trans. J.LackeyPop, Flugelhorn Soloorchestrac.3:302222/4200/mall/hp/pn/str
Introduction and DancesJerry Lackey-commissioned by South Bend Schools Fine Artsgrade 3string orchestrac.3:25strings and piano
Irish DanceTraditional arr. Jerry LackeyIrishorchestrac.2:302+picc222/4331/timp/perc/mall/electric Kb/hp/str
It's A Man's…..WorldJames Brown & Betty Newsome, arr. J.LackeyPop (James Brown version)vocal/orchestrac.2:50F1110+bar.sax/0330/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/str/voc solo
Jazz Concerto for Tuba and OrchestraJerry Lackey-commissioned by South Bend SymphonyTuba Solo (3 mvts)bandc.12:00
Jazz Concerto for Tuba and OrchestraJerry Lackey-commissioned by South Bend SymphonyTuba Solo (3 mvts)orchestrac.12:002d1+picc222+C.B./4330/dr.set/perc,mall/b.gtr/pn/hp/str
Jazz Concerto for Tuba and OrchestraJerry Lackey-commissioned by South Bend SymphonyTuba Solo (3 mvts)pianoc.12:00
Jingle Bells(Glen Miller version) orchestrated by Jerry LackeyPop, vocal solo opt.orchestrac.3:202222A.Sax(T.Sax)/4331/perc/dr.set/grt/b.gtr/pn/hp/str/opt. solo voice w/choir
Journey's Greatest Hitsarr. by Alan Billingsley-"Faithfully," "Any way You Want it/Lovin', Touchin',Squeezin'" "Don't Stop Beiievin'" orch. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.5:451111/2331/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/pn/str/choir/voc solo
King of Glory King of LoveTravis Cottrell and David Moffitt, arr. T.Cottrell, additional orch. J.LackeyGospelvocal/orchestrac.4:502122+A.T.B. sax opt/2330/perc/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/pn/str/choir
Krasl FanfareJerry Lackeycommissioned for 50th anniversary of Krasl Art Fair, St. Joseph, MIbandc.3:45
Krasl FanfareJerry Lackeycommissioned for 50th anniversary of Krasl Art Fair, St. Joseph, MIorchestrac.3:452+picc22+b.cl2/4331/timp/perc/mall/hp/str
Latin Dance Trilogy"Hernando's Hideaway"(ala Spike Jones,) "Cherry Pink Apple Blossom White," "Brazil." arr. J.Lackey Pop Features trpt, t.sax,perc jazz
Lean On MeBill Withers GLEE arrangement by Anders and Davis, adapted by Emerson, orchestration by J.LackeyPop, Chorusvocal/orchestrac.3:252+picc222/4331/perc/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/pn/hp/str/choir
Like A Prayeras recorded by Madonna, arr. J.LackeyPop, Femalevocal/orchestrac.4:00F#m1111+t.sax.(opt)/2331/perc/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/pn/str/vocal solo/choir
Listenas recorded by Beyonce, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.4:10Bb or B1110+a.sax/0330/timp/perc/mall/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/str
Love, Reigh O'er Me (Pete's Theme)Pete Townshend, arr. J.Lackey, performed by "The Who"Popvocal/orchestrac.3:40Em1110+a.sax/0330/dr.set/perc/gtr/b.grt/pn/kb/str/vocal
Magh Scolafrom "Rivedance" features flute solo. Arr. J.LackeyIrishorchestrac.5:002+picc222/4331/timp/perc/mall/pn/hp/str
MaMaas performed by Il Divo, arr. J.LackeyPop, Malevocal/orchestrac.3:20F/Gb/G/Ab1120/3330/timp/perc/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/pn/str/vocal solo/bkg singers
Margaritavillearr. J.Lackey, as performed by Willie NelsonPop, "sing-a-long"vocal/orchestrac.4:052+picc222/4331/perc/dr.set/mall/str/vocal(opt)
Mayilaarr. J.LackeyChinese folk song, Sopranovocal/orchestrac.2:30E1120/333/timp/perc/pn/hp/str/solo sop.
Modern Day Bonnie and Clydeby James LeBlanc & Walt Aldridge, from the movie, Performed by Travis Tritt, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.3:45D0000/000/dr.set/perc/pn/kb/gtr/b.grt/str/bkg voc
Moon RiverMancini, from "Breakfast At Tiffiny's arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/bandc.3:00Bb
Music Of The NightWebber,Hart,Stilgoe, arr. J.Lackey, from "Phantom of the Opera"Popvocal/bandc.5:00Eb
My Heart Will Go OnLove Theme from "Titanic" Jennings/Horner, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/bandc.4:10F/A
My Heart Will Go OnLove Theme from "Titanic" Jennings/Horner, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.4:10E/Ab2222/4331/timp/perc/dr.set/mallb.gtr/pn/hp/str/vocal solo
My Immortalas performed by Evanescence, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.4:10Apiano/strings/vocal bkg
My Kind Of TownVan Heusen & Cahn, as recorded by Frank Sinatra, arr. J.LackeyPop, Sax section opt.vocal/orchestrac.4:00C/D/Eb2222+5sax(opt)/4331/dr.set/gtr/mall/pn/hp/str/vocal solo
My Strongest Suiteas sung by Sherie Rene Scott in the musical "Aida" arr, J.LackeyPop, Femalevocal/orchestrac.5:25Db2220/4330/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/keyboard/hp/str/vocal solo/bkg singers
Night TrainDuke Ellington/Lional Hampton on vibes, arr. J. LackeyPop, Vibe solo, Sax section opt.orchestrac.3:002dl1222+5 sax(opt)/4331/vib solo/b.gtr/pn/str
North Pole Rock and Roll (Medley)Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay, Rockin' on Top of the World, Dig That Crazy Santa Claus, Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town-arr. Mac Huff, Orchestrated by J.LackeyChristmasvocal/orchestrac.3:25222+t.sax2/4331/timp/perc/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/pn/str/choir
Note to GodBy Diane Warren as performed by Charice Pempengco, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.3:45F#m/Gm1120/4330/timp/perc/pn/str/vocal solo/bkg singers
O Night DivineWords by John S. Dwight, Choral Settng by Jeremy Walton, orchestrated by J.LackeyChristmasvocal/orchestrac.4:152+picc222/4331/timp/perc/pn/hp/str/choir
Ol’ Man RiverJerome Kern, from "Show Boat" arr, J.LackeyPop, Bassvocal/bandc.3:30Bb
Out Here On My OwnMichael and Lesley Gore, arr. J.Lackey, from "Fame"Popvocal/orchestrac.3:45G0100/0000/perc/dr.set/gtr,b.gtr/pn/hp/str/vocal solo
Overture of the SeasonJerry Lackey, commissioned by LaPorte County Symphonybandc.5:05
Overture of the SeasonJerry Lackey, commissioned by LaPorte County Symphonyorchestrac.5:052+picc2+E.H.2+b.cl2+c.bsn/4331/timp/perc/mall/pn/hp/str
Oy Rudolpharr. J.LackeyChristmasKlezmer ensemblec.1:10clarinet/accordion/gtr/b.gtr
Pizzazzy Fanfares (6)Jerry Lackey6 short fanfaresorchestravarious2+picc2+E.h.2+b.cl2_c.bsn/4331/timp/perc/dr.set/mall/pn/hp/str
Power Of LoveCandy DeRouge & Gunther Mende, arr. J.Lackey, as recorded by Celine DionPopvocal/orchestrac.4:30Ab1120/3330/timp/perc/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/pn/str/bkg vocals (s,a,a)
Queen of ShebaHandel, arr. J.LackeyClassical, Oboe Duetband
River Deep, Mountain Highas recorded by Tina Turner, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/bandc.3:45Bb
River Deep, Mountain Highas recorded by Tina Turner, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.3:45Db1110/3330/perc/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/pn/str/vocal solo/bkg singers
RiversongRoger Emerson, orchestrated by Jerry LackeyIrish, choirvocal/orchestrac.3:10G2+picc222/4331/timp/perc/dr.set/mall/gtr/b.gtr/pn/hp/str/choir
Rolling In The DeepAdele and Paul Epworth, as sung by Adele, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.3:50Cm0000/0330/perc/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/pn/str/solo vocal/bkg singers (2)
Rondo for Two HornsJerry LackeyClassical, Horn Duetbandc.4:05
Santa Clause Is Coming to Townas recorded by Boston Pops, transcribed by J.LackeyChristmasorchestrac.2:401+2pic222/4331/timp/perc/pn/celesta/hp/str
Scherzo for TubaAlfred Bartles, edited by J.LackeyPop, Tuba Solobandc.5:10
Send In the ClownsSondheim, arr. J.LackeyPop, Clarinet Solobandc.4:50
Send In the ClownsSondheim, arr. J.LackeyPop, Clarinet Soloorchestrac.4:50222+b.cl2/4331/timp/perc/str/cl.solo
Signore ascoltafrom "Turandot" by Puccini, arr. J.LackeyClassical, Soprano Solovocal/bandc.2:10Gb
Sinfonia ConcertanteVivaldi, arr. J.LackeyClassical, Oboe Duetbandc.12:30
SkylarkHoagy Carmichael, arr. J.LackeyPopbandc.3:25
SkylarkHoagy Carmichael, arr. J.LackeyPoporchestrac.3:2522+E.hrn22+c.bsn/4331/timp/perc/dr.set/pn/hp/str
SmileCharles Chaplin, arr. J.Lackey,Theme from "Modern Times"Popvocal/orchestrac.3:00Db/Eb1000+a.sax/0000/perc/dr.set/vibes/gtr/b.gtr/pn/str
SomedayMenken & Schwartz, arr. J.Lackey, from Disney's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"Popvocal/orchestrac.3:55Bb/C2222/4331/timp/perc/dr.set/b.gtr/mall/pn/hp/str/vocal solo
Something’s Comingfrom West Side Story, Streisand version. Bernstein & Sondheim, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.2:50Ab1+picc120/3330/timp/perc/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/pn/str/vocal solo
Something’s Got A Hold On MeJames,Kirkland,Woods, arr. J.Lackey. From the motion picture "Burlesque"Popvocal/orchestrac.3:00D0000/0330/perc/gtr/b.gtr/dr.set/pn
Sonata in Bb MajorVivaldi, arr. J. LackeyClassical, Oboe Duetbandc.10:00
Sooner Or LaterSondheim, arr. J.Lackey, from the movie "Dick Tracy" as sung by MadonnaPop, Femalevocal/orchestrac.4:10Bb1010+a.sax,t.sax/0200/dr.set/solo bass/pn/str/vocal solo
SwayPablo Beltran Ruiz, arr. J.Lackey, as performed by Pussycat DollsPopvocal/orchestrac.3:10Am/Bm0000/0330/perc/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/pn/str/vocal solo
Symphony #5-1st mvt editedBeethoven, edited J.LackeyClassical, Short, good for demostring ensemblec.1:25strings only
Symphony #9-4th mvt editedBeethoven, edited J.LackeyClassical, Simplified and shortened for side by side performanceorchestrac.6:002+picc222+contra/4231/timp/perc/str/edited str
Temporary HomeCarrie Underwood, Luke Laird, Zac Malloy, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.4:20C0000/0000/perc/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/pn/str/vocal solo/bkg singer(1)
That’s AmoreHarry Warren and Jack Brooks, arr. J.Lackey, as sung by Dean MartinPopvocal/orchestrac.3:10A/Bb2222/4331/timp/perc/mall/hp/pn/str/vocal solo/bkg singers
That's LifePerformed by Frank Sinatra, by Dean Kay & Kelly Gordon, orch. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.3:05G/Ab1110+a.sax/0330/dr.set/grt/b.gtr/pn/kb/str
The ClimbJessi Alexander and Jon Mabe, arr. J.Lackey, as performed by Miley CyrusPopvocal/orchestrac.3:45E0000/0000/perc/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/str/solo voice/bkg singers
The Girl in 14Gas performed by Kristin Chenoweth, arr. J.LackeyPop, Soprano Solovocal/bandc.4:20F/C/G
The Girl In 14Gas performed by Kristin Chenoweth, arr. J.LackeyPop, Soprano Solovocal/orchestrac.4:20F/C/G2222/4331/timp/perc/dr.set/mall/pn/hp/str/vocal solo
The Impossible DreamDarion,Leigh, arr. J.Lackey from the "Man of La Mancha" studio cast recording, sung by Ron RainesTenor in 9/8vocal/orchestrac.3:40G/Ab1110+ten.sax./0330/timp/perc/mall/guitar/b.gtr/pno/keyboard/str/voc solo/choir(opt)
The Impossible DreamDarion,Leigh, arr. J.Lackey from "Man of LaMancha"
as sung by Luther Vandross
Tenor in 12/8vocal/orchestrac.5:10D2(picc)222/4331/timp/perc/dr.set/b.gtr/pn/str/voc solo/choir(opt)
The Opener EMBJerry Lackey, based on "Back Home Again In Indiana"Pop-commissinded by Elkhart Municipal, IN Bandbandc.2:20
The PrayerCarole Bayer Sager and David Foster, arr. J.Lackey, as performed by Celine Dion & Andrea BocelliPopvocal/orchestrac.4:15F1120/3330/timp/perc/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/pno/hp/str/vocal solo/bkg singers
The Reindeer PromStephen L. Lawrence, orchestrated by J.LackeyChristmas-Childrens' Choir S.A.vocal/orchestrac.3:05G0000/0220/mall/dr.set/b.gtr/pn/str/2-part vocal
The Star Spangler BannerF.S. Key, arr. J.LackeyTraditional"big" bandc.1:32
The VoiceBrendan Graham, arr. J.LackeyIrish-Femalevocal/orchestrac.3:10Gm/Am1(picc)120/3000/perc/gtr/b.gtr/str/vocal solo
The Wizard And IMusic and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz from "Wicked", re-arranged by J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.4:25Ab1+picc220/2210/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/mall/hp/pn/str/vocal solo
This Is the MomentLeslie Bricusse & Frank Wilkhorn, arr. J.Lackey,from "Jekyll & Hyde"Popvocal/orchestrac.3:15Eb/E1110+a.sax/0330/timp,perc/dr.set/mall/gtr/b.gtr/2 keyboards/str/vocal solo
This Time of YearPat Thompson, arr. J.LackeyChristmas Chorus/Solovocal/orchestrac.2:50Eb/F2+Picc222/4331/timp/perc/dr.set/mall/hp/pn/str/vocal solo/choir
To Where You AreRichard Marx and Linda Thompson, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.3:30Bb2222/4331/timp/perc/mall/dr.set/hp/pn/str/vocal solo
Tuba Christmas Medley-"Let It Snow," "The Christmas Song," " Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmasfor Tuba Quartet, arr. J.LackeyChristmasTuba Quartetc.5:50
Two Suite - "Swing," Bossa," "Jazz WaltzJerry LackeyClarinet Duetbandc.7:20
Two Suite - "Swing," Bossa," "Jazz WaltzJerry LackeyOboe and English Horn Duetbandc.7:20
Two Suite - "Swing," Bossa," "Jazz WaltzJerry LackeyOboe and English Horn Duetorchestrac.7:202+picc1+E.h.22/4331/timp/perc/dr.set/hp/str
Two Suite - "Swing," Bossa," "Jazz WaltzJerry LackeyClarinet Duetpiano accomp.c.7:20
Two Suite - "Swing," Bossa," "Jazz WaltzJerry LackeyOboe and English Horn Duetpiano accomp.c.7:20
Under the SeaMenken, Ashman, Rice - from the "Little Mermaid", arr. J.LackeyPoporchestrac.1:152+picc2+E.h.2+b.cl2/4331/timp/perc/dr.set/b.gtr/hp/str
Via DolorosaWords and Music by BILLY SPRAGUE and NILES BOROP arr. J. Lackey, as performed by Sandi PattyGospelvocal/orchestrac.4:350100/4010/timp/percussion/dr.set/mall/gtr/b.gtr/hp/str/vocal solo
Vive L'AmourTraditional arr. Jerry LackeyPop, male triovocal/orchestrac.1:20Bb/B2222/4220/timp/perc/hp/str/male trio
Voices of IrelandJerry LackeySoprano Sax Solo-Irishbandc.4:30
We Are the World 25 for HaitiWords and Music by LIONEL RICHIE and MICHAEL JACKSON Original Rap Bridge by JAMES TODD SMITH
Original Rap Outro by WILL ADAMS and KANYE WEST
Orchestrated by Jerry Lackey
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?from "The Happy Ending" by Michael Legrand, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/bandc.4:10Am
When I Fall In LovePerformed by Doris Day, by Heyman & Young, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.2:55C1110+a.sax/4330/timp/dr.set/perc/mall/gtr/b.gtr/pn/kb/str
When My Heart Finds ChristmasWritten and performed by Harry Connick, Jr., arr. J.LackeyChristmasvocal/orchestrac.4:35Eb21+E>h.22/4331/timp/perc/dr.set
When You Say You Love MeRobin Scoffield & Mark Hammond, arr. J.Lackey, as performed by Josh GrobanPopvocal/orchestrac.4:30A0000/3030/dr.set/gtr/b.gtr/pn/str/solo voice
Where Are You Christmas?James Horner, Will Jennings, Mariah Carey, arr. J.Lackey. From the Universal Motion Picture DR. SEUSS' HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMASChristmas-Childrens' Choir S.A.vocal/orchestrac.4:00Eb/F/G2+picc222/4331/timp/mall/dr.set/b.gtr/hp/pn/str/S.A.choir
Where Are You Christmas?James Horner, Will Jennings, Mariah Carey, arr. J.Lackey. From the Universal Motion Picture DR. SEUSS' HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMASChristmas-S.A.T.B.vocal/orchestrac.4:00Bb/C/D2+picc222/4331/timp/mall/dr.set/b.gtr/hp/pn/str/S.A.T.B.choir
White HorseTaylor Swift & Liz Rose, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.3:40CKeyboard(gtr)/str/vocal solo
Why Haven’t I Heard From You?Sandy Know & T.W. Hale, arr. J.Lackey. As performed by Reba McEntirePopvocal/orchestrac.3:30Bb2222/4331/dr.set/mall/hp/pn/str/vocal solo
Willow Songby Douglas Moore from "The Ballad of Baby Doe" arr. J.LackeySoprano Solovocal/bandc.3:00F/Bb
Woodwind Quintets (10)scored by Clifford P. Barnes, edited by J.Lackeyclassical, full score and partswoodwind quintetvariousvariousfl,ob,cl,hrn,bsn
Would I KnowPerformed by Charlotte Church, by Diane Warren, arr. J.LackeyPopvocal/orchestrac.3:40Bb1110+a.sax/2330/dr.set/perc/gtr/b.gtr/pn/kb/str/bkg voc
You Raise Me UpGraham & Lovland, arr. J.Lackey, as performed by Josh GrobanGospelvocal/bandc.4:30Eb/F/Gb
You Raise Me UpGraham & Lovland, arr. J.Lackey, as performed by Josh GrobanGospelvocal/orchestrac.4:30Eb/F/Gb0000/4331/dr.set/b.gtr/hp/pn/str/vocal solo

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